Awards and Distinctions

Thirty five years in higher education says a lot.

Several generations of students from our faculties, departments and schools are working in the labor market and abroad. These students are at the forefront of some of the most ambitious projects and demonstrate remarkable dexterity and ability in the pursuit of their duties. Whether it be the Sciences and Engineering, Law, Economics, Agronomic, Environmental Sciences or another field of discipline, these graduates are well represented and are highly sought after for their contribution to every aspect of development, both nationally and internationally.

The UGOC takes pride in these achievements and the fact that it has helped to produce executives at the highest level of globalized competition by raising the standards of society in a dignified manner and by helping to create role models for the present and future generations.

At the University GOC, dreams become reality and excellence in perfection serves as a compass when it comes to leading the way and helping each and every student achieve their goals — striving to achieve perfection almost every time.

Dr. Fritz Olivier

FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF UNIVERSITY GOC; DD.Min., Th.M., M.Div., M.Arch; Former president of the Association of Private Universities in Haiti, Dr. Olivier has greatly contributed to the study of reform of Haiti’s State University system, founding University GOC in Port-au-Prince. Dr. Olivier’s understanding of the Haitian people, its government and 30 years of service to the UniversitY GOC make him invaluable to this mission and vision of UGOC. Dr. Olivier demonstrates his understanding of the region with the recent publication of his book,  “A New Vision”.

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